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Collar, Harness, & Leash Sets

Collar, Harness, & Leash Sets

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This dog collar, harness, and leash set is a convenient combo of pet necessities that ensures pet owners have everything they need to safely and comfortably walk their dog. These sets come in a variety of colors and three options are available: collar and leash, harness and leash, and collar, harness, and leash.

Size Information:
Leash: 48 inches
Harness: 9.5 inches-15.5 inches
Collar: 7.5-11.5 inches

Leash: 48 inches
Harness: 11.5 inches-19.5 inches
Collar: 9.5-15.5 inches

Leash: 48 inches
Harness: 15.5 inches-23.5 inches
Collar: 11.5-19.5 inches

Leash: 48 inches
Harness: 23.5 inches-27.5 inches
Collar: 15.5-23.5 inches

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